What are the differences between brush DC motors and brushless DC motors

Brush motors adopt mechanical commutation. Their have shorter service life, make sparks when working and their efficiency is not great. After being used for a while, the brushes are usually damaged. They also generate a big amount of carbon dust. When the dust falls into the bearing, it dries out the oil of the bearing and makes the motor even noisier when functioning. For brush DC motors, the carbon brushes need to be changed once in a while.

On the other hand, brushless DC motors (BLDC motor) have replaced mechanical commutation with electronic commutation, so there is no mechanical friction, no wear and no spark. BLDC motors don’t need much maintenance and the sealing is much better. Therefore, technically BLDC motors are superior to traditional brush motors.

However, although BLDC motors have many advantages, they are more expensive to make, so the cost is higher for customers. It is importance to select the most cost-effective products to suit your needs.

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