Hao Motor is Attending Techno Frontier 2016

From April 20 to 22, Hao Motor will attend Techno Frontier 2016.

Booth #: 8B-109.


EXHIBITION SITE: Makuhari Messe Exhibition Center

EXHIBITION TIME:  April 20-22, 2016 (annual)


Sponsored by JMA, TECHNO-FRONTIER is the largest pro-exhibition for various accessories in Japan. The exhibition demonstrates the most advanced technology and accessories in the field to the manufacturers of machinery precision instruments and electronic equipment.

Products will be displayed as below:

DC brush motor series:

487 brush DC motors are applied to back massage system of BMW7, with EMC level 5 and more than 2500-hour-lifetime

476 brush DC motor/M 28, high performance rare-earth PM dc motors, are applied to car trunk automatic opening & closing systems.

395 brush DC motors are applied to car seat head-rest adjustment systems.

510 brush DC motors are applied to reduction gear motors.

511 brush DC motor are applied to car seat waist-rest adjustment systems.


Gearbox motor series:

12 Gearbox Motors are applied to Laser levelers and intelligent door locks, which have the advantages of small size and a variety of reduction ratio.

22 planetary gearbox motors are applied to the automatic mixers of the Estee Lauder cosmetics essence and facial cream.

37 Reduction DC motors are applied to automatic induction paper machine, water treatment system and robotic arm.

MPP Reduction gearbox motors are applied to the swimming pool cleaners of Zodiac.

Micro Pump series:

Three-cylinder water pumps are applied to the clean liquid spraying in the intelligent electric mops, of which the structure was designed and developed by Hao Motor together with Japanese engineers. With core rubber parts provided by Japanese suppliers, our micro pumps have stable physical properties, strong durability and accurate flow.


Brushless DC motor series:

24 PM brushless dc motors are applied to high-end smart & small E-household appliances, such as hair dryer and electric push shear.

30 high-speed brushless motors are mainly applied to power tools and medical devices. The BLDC motors have long service life. They have the characteristics of high speed and quiet operation, without producing electromagnetic interference and commutation spark. When the servo system is composed, the encoder does not use the feedback signal but the inbuilt Holzer sensor.

42 permanent magnet brushless dc motors are applied to household appliances and electric tools, etc. The brushless dc motors have the advantages of long lifetime and stable performance.

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